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Forget the Bullet Train. Let’s Build a Hyperloop to Houston (And Other, More Attractive, Spots)

The potential future of transportation is exciting.
We may some day live in the future, thanks to the Hyperloop.
We may some day live in the future, thanks to the Hyperloop.

Texas Monthly writes about a competition hosted at Texas A&M University over the weekend in which teams from around the country compared their designs for a pod that could travel at 760 mph in a tube based on air-hockey technology.

The event was inspired by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s 2012 proposal for the new form of transportation. Building a network or tubes across the country to allow incredibly fast travel between cities is a ways off, but smart people are working on it and the federal government has signaled interest in funding it.

Now, go ahead and fantasize about how quickly you, your children, and grandchildren might flit about the state:

Austin to Dallas: 25 minutes

Dallas to Houston: 31 minutes

San Antonio to Austin: 10 minutes

El Paso to Houston: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Houston to New Orleans: 46 minutes

Dallas to Oklahoma City: 27 minutes

Austin to Houston: 21 minutes

Makes a 90-minute trip on a potential bullet train feel like an eternity.