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Mike “The Looch” Piellucci Gets Best Sports Writing Nod

Look at our guy! Getting all included in prestigious publications and whatnot!
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Mike Piellucci
Jonathan Zizzo

From 1991 through 2020, Houghton Mifflin put out a series of books called The Best American Sports Writing, which collected the best sportswriting from the previous year. Last year, that series switched publishers to Triumph Books and got renamed The Year’s Best Sports Writing. Pretty crazy titles, huh? No idea why they break “sportswriting” into two words. Be that as it may, the thing is loaded with the best stuff from around the country. Last year’s edition had stories in it written by Allison Glock and Wright Thompson and Brian Phillips and a bunch of other people whose names you’ll recognize if you’re the kind of person who pays attention to bylines. Ever heard of The New Yorker or Sports Illustrated? Those are the sort of media powerhouses whose original work winds up anthologized in TYBSW.

Those outlets and also li’l ol’ StrongSide. It was just announced that The Year’s Best Sports Writing 2022, due out next month, will include a story titled “The Luckiest Two Women in the WNBA,” written by none other than our own Mike “The Looch” Piellucci. Is this a big deal? No, it’s not a big deal. It’s a frickin’ HUGE deal.

So congrats to Mike on the huge honor. And congrats, too, on one year of cranking out some of the best sports journalism in the country. Now take off that huge gold chain with the ruby D Mag logo charm, and get back to work.


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