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The Secret Strategy You Need to Jump-Start Summer Wellness

Improve both body and mind with this crucial fitness element you might be overlooking.
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There’s something about sunny summer weather that inspires a wellness kick. Grocery stores are bursting with in-season fruits and vegetables, the breezy weather is ideal for outdoor runs and bike rides, and the summer sun acts as a mood booster all season long. When you think about wellness, you might consider regular exercise and a nutrient-packed diet to be most essential. That’s not wrong, but there’s a crucial element you might be overlooking: sleep. Whether you’re on a mission to improve mind, body, or both this summer, getting enough rest is essential.

If you’ve ever suffered from insomnia, though, you know that having a sleepless night sometimes isn’t a conscious choice. A bedroom environment plays a key role—experts advise low (or no) lighting, a cool temperature, and powered-off electronics–but something you might not consider? Your mattress. If you’re tossing and turning all night, your bed itself could be keeping you awake due to lack of support, heat-trapping material, or allergens lurking within.

Mattress technology is advancing; the Renue mattress, for example, contains active copper which has properties to help you sleep. Read on for our summer guide to learn more about how a good night’s sleep can help you reach your fitness goals.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

We get it—it’s tempting to watch one more episode of your favorite show or get ahead on work in the wee hours. As days stretch longer, it’s even harder to turn in early. But if your wellness goals for the summer include losing winter weight, sleep should be your top priority. In a Harvard Medical School study, those who regularly slept fewer than six hours were much more likely to have excess body weight, while those who slept eight or more had the least body fat.

Avoid Sickness

True, you made it out of flu season—but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to sickness. Want a leg up? Studies show that getting enough sleep can help boost your immunity, so you can avoid the cold that’s going around the office. Even better: the copper in Renue mattresses is antimicrobial, meaning that your bed itself can help prevent germs and allergens from settling into your space.

Recover From Workouts

If your wellness plan includes weight training and HIIT classes, give your body what it needs to build strong muscles. Getting enough rest is key for a healthy workout regimen, as muscle tissue is replenished when you sleep. Sore muscles and stressed joints deserve a rejuvenating foundation to sleep on; the Renue mattress reacts to your body’s needs and offers plenty of support. Renue’s copper gel with its highly conductive properties helps regulate your body temperature reducing tossing and turning to provide an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Regulate Appetite and Choose Healthy Foods

Your body uses food as energy— so it follows that being sleep-deprived and exhausted can make you hungrier than normal. If you want to embrace a healthier diet, getting enough sleep can help you do so. You just might avoid the cravings that can get you off track–especially carbs and simple sugars, which give a quick energy boost but lead to a crash later on.

Stabilize Mood and Emotions

When you think of wellness, you may only imagine physical health—but mental and emotional health are just as important. Summer should be happy and carefree, so get in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. Getting enough sleep can help round out your wellness goals by regulating your mood—being tired may make you more emotional than being well-rested.

A mattress is an investment in yourself and a crucial part of your wellness journey. To learn more about Renue and other Corsicana Mattress brands, click here. To follow Renue on Facebook for more health & wellness tips, click here.


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