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Four Ways To Make the Perfect Guest Room

Ida Mae Home's founder shares her secrets.

Whether you have family visiting for the holidays or friends in town just because, hosting guests is a big responsibility. With a little advice from a pro, however, it can be breeze. Consider Kristin Kiseljack, owner and designer of Ida Mae Home, a homeware company inspired by her hostess with the most-ess grandmother, your sherpa to Southern hospitality who will teach you to successfully entertain guests.

“Southern Hospitality is all about making guests feel comfortable,” says Kiseljack. “Giving your guests an authentic, generous experience where you focus on them and their preferences.”

In the photo gallery, Kiseljack shares four secrets on how to make overnight guests feel comfortable. Follow along, and you’ll turn your extra bedroom into the best room in your home. Maybe you’ll even want to take a staycation after it’s all said and done.