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Mike Modano’s Sanctuary

This hockey pro’s passion for a Bob’s steak and a loaded brownie rivals his love for the ice.

Although Stars hockey legend Mike Modano hasn’t hit the ice in Dallas since 2010, he still hits up Bob’s Steak & Chop House whenever he’s in town. It’s a hard habit to break, considering he dined here at least three times a week for nearly a decade. Now retired and living in Arizona with his wife and children, Modano may have put away his hockey stick, but not his memories of living in Dallas. If you swing by Bob’s and you’re lucky, you’ll catch him at table 93 enjoying a medium-rare steak and a glass of red. If you miss him, be sure to grab a few yellow sour balls on your way out in his honor. (Oh, and you can thank him for the TV’s in the bar at Bob’s on Lemmon. He’s the reason you can grab a steak and a game here at the same time.)

What was your first introduction to Bob’s Steak & Chop House?

My first dining experience at Bob’s, as I recall, was in the fall of 2000. I went there to meet (fellow Stars captain) Craig Ludwig.

How often did you dine at Bob’s when you lived in Dallas?

Bob’s was a sanctuary for me and about five of my closest friends at least three nights a week.

How do you take your steak?

I love my steak medium rare, always.

Drink of choice?

My standard drink order at Bob’s is red wine.

Which table would Bob’s have ready for you if they knew you were coming?

After meeting up with a few other friends, we would head to table 93. I remember we had to beg Bob’s to put TVs in the bar for us!

Do you have a favorite or regular server?

I think we’ve had Ashley as our server for 16 years. She is the best server I’ve ever had and she has always been a great friend.

Let’s say table 93 is taken. Might we find you dining at the bar?

I’m not sure we ever ate at the bar. Usually that was the spot for the first drink, and then we would be seated for dinner.

Carrot or no carrot?

Absolutely, without a doubt, always the carrot!

Do you order your favorite sides in rotation, or is it the same one each visit?

The memories my friends and I have of Bob’s are etched in our minds forever.

We really didn’t have a strategy about choosing side dishes. It was always creamed corn and broccoli. We would always leave the pickles and peppers  in the middle of the table alone so we wouldn’t ruin our appetites. And, of course, we had the fresh hot bread!

Best dessert at Bob’s?

My favorite dessert has to be the warm brownie, loaded.

Do you ever take a handful of sour balls on the way out? Favorite flavor?

Oh yeah, the sour balls were the topper to the meal. We’d always grab a hand full. I would toss them out, but keep the yellow ones.

What kept you coming back to Bob’s every week? (Well, besides a great steak.)

The thing that always kept us coming back was the consistency. As much as I dined out at steak houses while on the road, there were never any that came close to Bob’s.

We know Arizona is home now, but when visiting Dallas, does Bob’s make your list of stops?

Bob’s is always a mandatory stop when I’m in town. I never pass up a chance to come back and eat there. The memories my friends and I have of Bob’s are etched in our minds forever. The seven or eight years we went there weekly were some of the best times of my life.