What Designer Nicole Miller Does When She’s in Dallas

9th Annual Spring Dinner Dance New Year's In April: A Fool's FeteYesterday, Fort Worth-native Nicole Miller stopped by Tootsie’s in the Plaza at Preston Center to debut her Summer 2015 collection, which is filled with bright, happy patterns and flattering cuts. We caught up with her to see what she loves to do when she’s back in Dallas (hint: it involves Tex Mex), what inspired the collection, and what she thinks about Dallas style.

Tell us about the collection!
It’s inspired by Rio. We used a lot of different things for the inspiration, everything from the Copacabana sidewalk to the fruit and the foliage.

Do you start with the prints or the silhouettes first?
I usually start with prints first. It’s kind of like fishing in the dark in the beginning because you sort of just have this feeling for something, you’re walking slowly before you move full speed ahead.

What are a few trends that turned into closet staples you’ve seen throughout your career?
I feel like the leggings and skinny jeans are never going to go away. They’ll keep making bell-bottom or baggy legs or high-waisted and trying to do every other innovation on the jean, but no one is ever going to give away their skinny jeans. And platform shoes. I just remember when I was in high school or college or something and platform shoes came out and I was so excited, but then they were lame for a year. You couldn’t wear them the next year because they were out. The great thing about today that is that nothing goes out of style anymore. I have shoes that are like five years old and totally are wearable. So I feel like trends don’t die they just end up sort of being a little different.

What have you noticed about Dallas fashion in particular?
Dallas women wear a lot of dresses. We were shopping today and everybody I saw looked so well-dressed and so made up. Everyone just seems to take such good care of themselves here.

What do you do when you’re back in Texas?
I always stay at the ZaZa. I always make sure I get my quota for Tex Mex (she hit Mi Cocina this time). Oh yeah, and I always get my Chick-fil-A at the airport. We’re getting our first Chick-fil-A in NYC. And it’s near my office, even better.



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