Smell Good Giveaway: Sage Turquoise Candle

photo courtesy of Sage

In another lifetime, I’d own an apothecary full of delicious perfumes, oils, candles, and other tinctures. I’d include the line Sage, a collection of perfumes, rollerball oils, and candles inspired by birthstones. Every product is prettily packaged with a whimsical collection of notes. Take the Turquoise scent, for example. It’s made up of blue chamomile, grapefruit, cassis, floral-infused musk, sandalwood. “Fit for a mermaid,” according to Sage. Equally exciting is the candle’s outwear, a bright blue glossy glass jar encased in a paper container with ornate designs accented by gold sparkles. (Which you can keep to store other trinkets.)

I’ve got one Turquoise candle to give away. Enter here to win.