Local Hari Mari Launches Second Sandal Collection in Pretty Pastels and Easy Neutrals

Hari Mari "Scouts" collection
photography courtesy of Hari Mari

I loved the concept of Dallas-based Hari Mari right away: the eco-friendly reprocessed rubber, foam, and biodegradable hemp make-up, the financial donation to children’s hospitals per pair sold, and the recycling incentive (bring your old pair back, get 15 percent off your new pair), but after trying on a pair, the deal was sealed. They’re truly the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn with the cushy footbed and thick, soft straps. One caviat: the white footbed gets dirty quickly. (To clean, Hari Mari recommends using a soapy towel or towel with Shout.) The new Scouts collection hitting stores next week, however, has an “earthen-tone” hemp foot bed with khaki colored soles which should alleviate some of the dark footprint problem. The straps come in campground-inspired hues such as bright yellow, sea green, pink, navy, red and nude for ladies and include army green, sky blue, and neon green for guys. Rolling onto shelves next week, find Hari Mari’s Scouts collection at Luke’s Locker, Original Octane, The Biz, and these other retailers.