Spin Your Way to a Better Body: A Q&A with Beyond Studios’ Director of Pedaling

photography courtesy of Beyond Pedaling
John Terlingo (photography courtesy of John Terlingo)

While on D Moms they’re talking about meaningful, family-friendly New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to bring up the clichéd, single person, I-want-to-get-healthy version again. And no one is more adept in helping us figure out what really works than a person who teaches fitness for a living. So, a round of applause for John Terlingo, the pedaling director at Beyond Pedaling (one of our five favorite workouts in Dallas), who’s helping us tackle this timely matter.

Q: How do we make reasonable New Year’s fitness resolutions that we’ll actually keep?
A: Keep moderation in your goals for the new year. If you want to, let’s say, give up drinking and you love margaritas, cut the intake by half. Keep your goals realistic! Once you start to see and feel the results, usually I find it keeps one motivated to keep going. Also, switch it up! Truth is, exercise is a way of life, not quick fix.

Q: What is the minimum number of days/hours we need to exercise to each week to see and feel a difference in our bodies?
A: 3 days of cardio (indoor cycling is the most effective in short time commitment for calories burned) and 2 days of weight training. I’m also a fan of Beyond Pilates and the indoor cycling combo! Switch it up! At Beyond Pedaling, if you’re short on time, we also do upper body during our 45 min Spin Class. Think Pilates on a bike! The fastest way to tone your body if that is your goal is to spin and eat clean foods.

Q: Do we have to give up our happy hours? We love a glass of wine (or two) after work.
A: Stay away from processed food and drink in moderation if you love your wine! The more raw food you eat the more alkaline you will be leaving you feeling better all around! Drinking a glass of wine or two does not kill the workout you just had. But if you drink, plan to eat very clean (raw) and then you have balance. (When you eat raw you’re rehydrating, as well.) Be GOOD to yourself and your body will respond!

A note from me about Beyond Pedaling:

The Barre Blast + Bike class was one of my all-time favorite exercise classes I’ve ever taken in Dallas. Read all about it here. It was fun, moved quickly, and led by motivating instructors. Alas, I think the pricing is, well, we’ll just say unreasonable, for some (i.e. me). If you have the opportunity (read: funds) to hit up any of the Beyond Studios’ programs, including Beyond Pilates, do so. You won’t regret it.