What’s in Streets of Sparkle Blogger Jaclyn Welch’s Bag?

What's in Streets of Sparkle Blogger Jaclyn Welch's Bag?
photography: Jaclyn by Carmen Bright and purse spill by Matthew Shelley

Sad news: Jaclyn Welch, the spirited blogger and street style photographer behind the Streets of Sparkle fashion blog, has just moved to L.A. over the weekend. Boo.

Good news: Before ditching Big D, she stopped by to spill her bag for us. I have no doubt she’ll charm the pants off those Los Angelistas and I’m looking forward to seeing the new outfits that dazzle the audience on her blog.

In the meantime, check out all the glitter, I mean goods, in her bag.

Jaclyn Welch from Streets of Sparkle's blog
"My bag has to be big enough to carry the camera."

1. Nikon D3000. “That goes everywhere. You never know where you’ll find people.”
2. Wallet. “I got this at T.J. Maxx.”
3. Dove deodorant. “Just keepin’ it fresh.”
4. Flip Video camera. “I like documenting things.”
5. Hi-Chew candies. “I get them at World Market.”
6. Glittery iPhone case.
7. Special K Pastry Crisps (“My sister and I buy these in bulk”) and Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar (below)
8. Earrings. “It’s a hoop thing. I always carry hoops in my bag.”
9. Streets of Sparkle business cards. “I make those. I’m kind of a crafty person, and I like paper.” (Note the adorable rhinestone!)
10. Beauty products clockwise from top: Essie polish in Tart Deco (“It’s one of my favorites”); Laura Mercier lip palette (“I don’t think they sell it anymore, so I savor it”); Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Coral Reef (“I stole it from my sister”); Laura Mercier kohl eye pencils in Stormy Grey and Brown Copper; Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Are You Red-dy (“For going to night–pop the red!”) and Benefit Erase Paste concealer (“That stuff is really good. It erases for sure.”)
11. Sunglasses. “I have one pair for fun times and one for serious times.”
12. Notebook (“I use this for everything–notes on people I stop to photograph, ideas for the blog, lists, and I like to remind myself of goals and dreams.”) and bible (“It’s pretty much always in the bag.”)


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