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My Addiction Worsens: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

By Raya Ramsey |

Have I told you how lucky we are to have one of Fresh’s crisp, white storefronts in our city? Yes. Yes, I have. Sure, you can buy the goods at Neimans and other places, but nothing beats the original store. Please welcome the newest addition to the lineup of Fresh lip heroine, I mean, lip balm: Sugar Advanced Therapy. For $25, this stick will be as deliciously buttery as the original and tinted sisters, but it will also “significantly boost moisture, enhance volume, and improve the definition of the lip area.” I don’t know about all of that. (The skeptic angel on my shoulder who tells me to ignore fancy marketing language gets kind of quiet around Fresh products.) But I do know that after applying this at bedtime, I wake up with super soft lips.

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