Get Your Rear in Gear with This Camp Gladiator Boot Camp Giveaway.

That's trainer Amy Mack, left. I try to sneak in breaks during plank holds, and she always catches me. On the right, you'll see happy faces. Those are real. I was there. (photography by Jason Janik)

I’ve lost 10 pounds since January 9. It doesn’t count as rubbing it in if I tell you how I’ve done it, right? Well, I go to Camp Gladiator. (To be more specific, I participated in a semi-annual Camp Gladiator Fitness Challenge which are offered throughout the year.) Here’s the basic rundown of this award-winning fitness program, courtesy of our beauty guide:

Campers are fiercely loyal to this program; after attending, we understand why. Few fitness programs can make you feel so motivated you want to sign up for the rest of your life. Trainers are professional, fun, and work to know the names of campers, so personal encouragement is shouted out regularly. Every workout changes, so there’s no monotony. Sessions are offered from 5:30 am to 7:30 pm all over DFW. Various locations.

To summarize, it’s a go-at-your-own-pace boot camp with experienced trainers who have created this unusual sense of community during their one hour workouts all over DFW. They make you do annoying things like yell “Camp Gladiator” while you’re doing jumping jacks or sprint when the workout is nearly over (or both), but somehow, some way, CG-ers are sort of still smiling when they’re finished. This four-week camp is nearly one week in, but enter to win right now, and CG has allowed me to pick THREE WINNERS. Each one will receive a certificate to participate in the remaining 3 weeks of this session of CG boot camp. Winners selected tomorrow.


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