My New Favorite Shop in Dallas: Piermarini Boutique

So Crisp and So Clean: A slimmed down collection of women's wear right before a rush of fall shipments roll in!
His and hers included.

Yes, Piermarini Boutique, named for 20-year-old owner John Piermarini. Now, don’t get all smug on me. I know it’s not new news. But today marks first time I personally set foot in the crisp State-Thomas shop and I. Am. In. Love. Menswear, womenswear, and jewelry have all been edited into organized, on-trend, very wearable collections. Each of the three rooms contains everyday pieces with a twist. (Not just office-friendly shorts, but silver, triple-tiered shorts; not just basic silk dresses, but sheer versions in chartreuse; and basic, neutral-colored sweaters but with drape details and midriff cuts.) John is a fashion designer, too, so he knows the trends for each season and the shapes that are “in.” That means everything in the store is pretty much guaranteed to make you look cool and in-the-know. His clothing is selected during scouting trips in New York, where he shops for designers no one else in town carries. When a line gets picked up by a big department store, great, but he’ll move on to lesser known labels. Prices are affordable. You pay for quality, not name brand. (A full suit might cost you $400 and a dress, $200.) Peruse the sale racks RIGHT NOW. Spring clothing (that will easily will transition into fall) is at 40 percent off. That chartreuse silk dress I mentioned? Yeah, it’s now mine. Looking for underthings? Check out his collaborative line with Abi Ferrin called Abi & John. Tanks and slips come in pink, black, and nude and feel like they’re quilted from clouds. Jump for more photos. (Just do it.) WARNING: John would want me to warn you that the shop’s very slimmed down right now pre-fall!

Abi & John tanks and slips, left, and men’s shirts, suits, and even boxer briefs.

Accessories include locally designed jewelry and funky clutches, left. A sale rack with drape shirts, silk dresses, and bandage skirts made me lose my mind.

Women’s spring merch still includes white blazers, shorts in sweet, high-waisted cuts, and maxi dresses. Men’s spring merch still includes great blazers and suits, and button-downs in bold, bright plaid prints. (Plus, undies, don’t forget. I bought two pairs for the boyfriend.)

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