Under-$50 Stocking Stuffer: LAFCO New York Goodies

photography by Matthew Shelley

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret Lippman, National Sales Director (and sometimes member of product development) for LAFCO New York at Highland Park Village yesterday. I always think it good when someone who has worked for a company for a long time is still in love with its product. That’s Margaret. She’s truly passionate about LAFCO products. And who could blame her? Everything in there is delicious. When I mentioned our under-$50 online (and ongoing) gift guide, she had plenty of suggestions for us. I can vouch for all of them as being wonderful. The candle up top is part of the Little Luxuries candle collection and comes with a set of matches in the lid. Perfect, sweet, and only $20. Scents include everything from Apricot to Sage & Walnut. The colorful bath salt/soap combo is part of the Claus Porto line, which dates back to 1887. The soaps are milled multiple times, and although I really don’t know what that means, I know that it ensures soaps last longer than cheapo soaps and don’t goo all over your soap dishes. Plus, the scents are fantastic. (Think Wild Pansy, Melon, Orange Amber, etc.) Only $20. And finally, though the white, orange, and blue jars of hand and foot cream from Santa Maria Novella are kind of hideous, they’re miracle formulas made in a church in Florence. I’d say this is the La Mer of the hand cream world. It’s thick, but miraculously, does not feel greasy. Get it for $50. The foot cream is even better. Grab a whiff of it in the jar, and it smells like sweet almonds. Rub it into your skin, and experience it change into a tingly menthol and camphor blend. Tired holiday shopping feet deserve the treat. Only $48.

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