Karen Millen, the Best Store You’ve Never Heard Of

Get this gorgeous dress for $250 (original price, $425).

So I’m at the Galleria over the weekend and pop into what I thought was a new store (come to find out it’s been there three years) called Karen Millen. They were (and still are) having an “up to 50 percent off” sale. The dresses in the window were so cute I figured I’d check it out. Well, thank goodness I did because I fell in love with just about every piece in the store (most of which is a full 50% off). Apparently, Karen Millen is a well-known designer in the UK. And I can see why. Her clothes are gorgeous! She has the ability to take what would be a plain, old boring tee and turn it into something fashionable. What would normally be just a regular little black dress pops with strategically placed zippers and folds. Her magic is in the details which, of course, are what make clothes look stylish, high-end and unique. Every single item has some special feature to it. The prices are normally out of my range (think $85 for a top, $400 for a dress) but at the fifty percent off sale (which will continue through January) they’re totally doable. And her accessories are just as fabulous as the clothes. I coveted a suede studded purse and some gorgeous brown mid-calf boots. Ok, enough said. Check out the pics and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And then head over there before the sale is over. You’re welcome.

Sale price: $235, original price: $350
Sale price: $280, original price: $380


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