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TrendWatch Dallas: Lace

Hemline, $88.95

In case you haven’t noticed, lace is everywhere these days. The pretty, feminine trend is apparent in all kinds of garments from dresses to scarves. Don’t worry that you’ll look like Madonna from 1985, today’s lace is modern and sexy. Fingerless lace gloves have not (thankfully!) returned. So get out there and add a little softness to your look. Or, play with the contrast of pairing lace with your rocker duds to give it an edge. Jump for more examples of this trend that you can buy today at some of our favorite local stores.

Pitaya lace print dress, $36
Elements, $216
Nordstrom, $35.90 (but will go back up to $54 when Anniversary Sale ends August 2)
Hemline scarves, $24.95 each
Blues Jean Bar, $47
Zara, $39.90
Nordstrom, $39
Hemline, $48