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The Best Eyebrow Job I’ve Ever Had: Wink in West Village


How’s that for a clear headline? And seriously, it’s true. For a tiny $12 you can get the best brows you’ve ever had at Wink Threading Salon, too. You can barely get a sandwich for that these days. Now, I was no Oscar the Grouch when I went in, but I certainly left with my brows à la Angelina when I left. Couldn’t stop looking at my perfect arches in the rearview mirror. The “threading artists” on staff are incredibly attentive, meticulous, and mercifully fast. If you haven’t been threaded before, follow the jump so I can talk you into it. Thank you, Wink, for opening here. 3839 McKinney Ave. #115 (On the strip with the Pinkberry and the Palm Beach Tan.)

According to Wikipedia:

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in Persia and the Middle East. It then spread to the Far East, and is now gaining popularity in Western countries.

Antibacterial threads are basically twisted to grab the hairs and pull them out. It’s incredibly fast, though. As owner Keyur Patel explained, threading is actually an anti-aging method, too. You know how you’re told to apply eye creams with your weak ring finger and dab instead of smear? It’s to prevent tugging on your skin, which causes loosening and then wrinkling. Waxing, Keyur told me, pulls at the skin, which also causes skin loosening and aging. Threading just pulls out the hair and leaves the skin alone. Totally makes sense, doesn’t it?

The pain you want to know about, too, I’m sure. It’s not enjoyable, but I don’t really find it that painful, either. (And I’m a huge baby.) It’s certainly less painful and dreadful than the sound and feel of wax being ripped off your face and it’s less tedious than tweezing each itty bitty hair one by one. Just make an appointment and give it a try. 214-599-9465