Etsy Dallas Handmade Bash on Saturday. Be There.

You must know about Etsy already, right? If not, let me just say, welcome to your new favorite shopping zone. Etsy is a website that gives artists a place to sell handmade things and the public a place to buy them. What is Etsy really? It’s a place to snatch up beautiful, inexpensive, one-of-a-kind things that make everyone else say, “Omg. Where’d you get that?” Not to mention, it’s a way to find really and truly talented artists who deserve to get their pieces out in the world. Case in point: Abbie Chesney of the Eye on the Sparrow Designs guitar and bass string bracelets that we’ve given away. They’re fantastic. How about butterfly place cards that sit atop a wine glass? Or porcelain cracked eggshell candles? Or vintage inspired rose pocket watch necklaces? (Pictures and links are all after the jump.) And these are all handmade by some devoted artist somewhere. It couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong, my friends. Etsy Dallas, a Dallas craft organization, has scooped up all the Dallas artists who sell their wares on Etsy for the Handmade Bash, a hip craft event. As the Handmade Bash is saying, “Think of it as a party – not just your typical craft show!” These aren’t grannies selling quilts, you see. There will be a DJ, cocktails, a free beading craft table, photo booth, a few goody bags, and a raffle. Plus, it’s FREE to get in. Can’t wait to stop by 2Enju for the organic dresses and vegan purses, Haute Hardware for the funky bauble necklaces with wooden skulls, animals, and bows, and the rad cuffs made of old vinyl records from Texas Tarts. Saturday, May 1 from 11 am to 5 pm at South Side on Lamar.

Click for butterfly place cards, rose pocket watch lockets, and porcelein egg candles.


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