Get Your Bronze on at Facelogic

Kristin and I recently went to Facelogic to test out a facial and a massage. My facial was fantastic. Best neck, shoulder, and face massage ever. (Go see April.) But this blog is about Facelogic’s newest service, sunless tanning. In Dallas there are a million places to get your (fake) bake on. There is a tanning salon on every corner and an airbrush station in dozens of med spas, waxing parlors, etc. It makes it tricky to find your favorite. (My favorite is Kristin Colaneri’s organic airbrush at Cava Studio.) But here’s an opportunity to test out a new one, one with a lot of promise. The product is South Seas Tanning, a paraben free airbrush formula. The applier, however, is the fun part for this event. Julie Nostrand, bronzing guru who has tanned the hineys of celebs like Mariah Carey and Anna Paquin, will be spraying pale behinds all day on March 26 and March 27. You’ll only pay $25 of the usually-$40 fee. Set up an appointment to test South Seas Tanning airbrush for cheap and by a pro at Facelogic. The funds are being donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation, too, so pick up some sunscreen for 15 percent off while you’re there. A bronze is beautiful, but there’s nothing sexy about melanoma.


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