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Could It Be? Did I Find the Perfect Red?


First, ignore the fact that this picture is a little blurry. Raya and I went outside without coats a few minutes ago to take it and we were in a bit of a hurry to get out of the freezing rain. Regardless, I think I found a red that I love. I have always been a big fan of Shu Uemura lipsticks because they are super creamy, they stay on, and they don’t dry out my lips. I had been meaning to look at their selection since Katie and I began our “perfect red” crusade but didn’t have time until last Saturday – at which time it took me all of two minutes to find what I think is my perfect shade. I did like the MAC red from this blog and from all your comments it seems a lot of you did too. But while it was about 98% close it didn’t feel perfect. For some reason though, this one does. I think because it’s not too bright. Well, red will always be bright and that takes some getting used to but it’s not so bright that all I can think about while talking to people is if they are wondering if I’m trying to get in touch with my inner Elvira. And why I’d want to get in touch with her. I’ve already gotten several positive comments on this ‘stick today so I think it’s a keeper. What do you think? Oh and if anyone is interested, it is Shu Uemura’s RD198. One more thing. My awesome mother-in-law who has been a hairdresser and beauty expert for 15 years was with me at the Shu counter and told me that the best way to test a lipstick shade without putting it on your lips is to dab it on the pad of one of your fingers. That skin has a little color to it that is closer to the natural color of lips than the skin on the back of my hand that I had been using. Duh! Genius!