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Nordstrom’s New “Ultimate” Gift Collection Really is Ultimate

By Kristin Hull |

Nordstrom has announced their new Ultimate Gift Collection which definitely lives up to its name. Granted, the gifts are pretty pricey but they’re so amazing they’re worth it. The collection includes a sofa custom-designed by Tory Burch ($15k), an armoire designed and stocked by Juicy Couture ($15k), a family portrait session with celebrity photographer, Sam Jones ($50k), and a 12’x20′ personalized painting by artist Ruben Toledo ($200k). These offers are exclusive to Nordstrom so you won’t find them anywhere else. And since there is only one Tory Burch sofa and one Ruben Toledo painting you better hit “add to cart” fast. Two Juicy Couture armoires and two portrait sessions will be available but I’m sure those will go quickly as well. (I mean, Jay-Z has to buy Beyonce something she doesn’t already have.) How cool would it be to have the same photographer that works with George Clooney and Tom Cruise photograph your family? Or to sit and read a book on a luxurious, one-of-a-kind couch that Tory Burch created? Pretty damn cool.