The Perfect Red Lips

As we all know, red lips are huge right now. All the cool kids are doing it. So, I want to do it too. But who knew finding the perfect hue would be such a du-ty? (Get it? Hue, du … duty. Rhymes. A little. No?) Literally months passed where I’d try on every lipstick within reach—fire engine red, cherry red, brick red. But nothing. They were all too bright or too orange or too something—just not the classy red I was looking for. Then came TheBalm, rather, a package of TheBalm products. This was it. I’d found my perfect red in their Plump Your Pucker tinted gloss in Strawberry My Daquiri (which is described as a ruby shimmer and is awesome). Success! Until I came to work, told a friend we’ll call Klonda Kleinhart for anonymity’s sake that I’d finally found the perfect red, and was informed that my new lips were really in the pink family. Foiled again! The good news: I found the perfect pinky red lip gloss. Bad news: I’m still on the hunt for a real red.

Oh, illusive red lip, will I ever find you? Any suggestions from you TalkShoppers out there? Please help!


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