Pass the Courvoisier, Big Poppa

In the late 1980s, the famed fashion designer and artist known as Erté took his love for cognac to a whole new level. For a limited-edition release, Erté designed the decanters and artwork for a seven-bottle collector’s set of Courvoisier cognac, with each image representing a different step in the cognac-making process. Now, in the spirit of the holiday season, Courvoisier has re-released the collection. And, get this, the whole set can be yours for the low, low price of $10,000. When you consider that individual bottles go for $1,500 a pop, I guess that price ain’t so bad. But 10 grand? If you have that kind of dough, more power to you—reserve your set here. As for me, I’ll have to find the real Big Poppa first. Since learning of his split with Kim—the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale confirmed this glorious news—I’m counting on the fact that the high roller is looking for a new main squeeze. Over here, Big Poppa! Over here!


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