Essie Solves Messy

In a recent blog, I dicussed how much I love Sally Hansen’s product that makes my nails look buffed and clean within ten seconds. But now that winter is here and the holidays are coming I found myself wanting to paint my finger nails a dark red. However, last year when I tried that I learned that dark colors are very hard to apply. Even the smallest mistake is noticable and I tend to get the polish all over the skin around my nails. But this year will be different thanks to Essie’s Nail Corrector. This miracle-worker is basically a “pen” with polish remover in it. With a thin tip (and replacement tips included!) it is the perfect shape for getting right along the edges of the nails. I used it the other night and was told the next day that my manicure looked great. This product is quickly becoming my new BFF. Buy it for $14 at


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