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Why I Love Diet Gourmet

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Being a magazine editor is a tough job, if you’re ever expected to go out into the world, representing your brand, which we are. Being a beauty magazine editor is even tougher–especially in a town like Dallas, where darn near every girl is gorgeous. Well, some of us regular girls–you know, the ones who aren’t 5-foot-9 and/or wear a size 2–have to work at it, by eating right and exercising. But what’s the fun in that? Especially when you’d rather dive head first into a bowl of queso than grill a piece of chicken and bike on the Katy Trail?

But things had gotten out of hand. Rather than going to the grocery store or ordering something sensible when I went to a restaurant, I was eating every meal like it was my last. So I went online to Diet Gourmet, determined to eat better without sacrificing good food. I am, after all, very picky. Okay. I’m a snob.

I’ve been eating Diet Gourmet for more than two weeks, and I am happy to report I feel a thousand times better, I’m eating more fruits and vegetables now than ever before, and I actually look forward to my meals. They use organic fruits and vegetables when available and hormone-free chicken. And they put together combinations of flavors I would never dream of–think edamame salad with mandarin oranges and red onion or lentil salad with cranberries. The Mediterranean combo I had for lunch on Monday came with tabblouleh as good as Ali Baba. I look forward to the smoked chicken whole wheat ravioli for dinner that’s coming up in week 4. Seriously, this is good stuff. Of all the meals–I do lunch and dinner–I have only been disappointed in two: chicken and dumplings (it was bland, even after I added some salt) and a open-faced prosciutto sandwich, a chef’s special, that just didn’t work (although the accompanying angel hair pasta salad was scrumptious).

So, if you want to eat better, but you’re afraid that means you have to eat bland, then check out Diet Gourmet. You can pick it up or they’ll deliver. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.