I Got Grease Too

Like Raya, I’m also a fan of Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder. (By the way, that’s not a typo. Their name on the bottle is spelled with a lower case “b” on the second Bumble.) I read about the product some 10 years ago and scoured the city until I found a local salon that carried it. It’s been with me ever since. There are a lot of products out there combating curly hair problems but not much for us straight-haired folk. And yes, we have problems too. The biggest of which is greasiness. If I go just one day without washing my hair it’s not a pretty sight. But this stuff works magic and even give hair a bit more fluff. The new spray can is a much better dispenser than my old bottle which just has a hole at the top. The instructions (which are now completely worn off from years of carrying it around in my work bag) said to squeeze it and run under the powder cloud before it dissipated. Usually, I’d just put some in my hand and rub it in manually. Regardless, I will forever be grateful to Bumble and bumble for not forgetting those of us who are “curl-challenged.”


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