William Rast: Staring Justin Timberlake and Erin Wasson

\"Erin Wasson\"In the current issue of D Magazine, I wrote about shopping in Dallas with Irving-born supermodel, Erin Wasson. We discuss her career and the various things she has going on including staring alongside Justin Timberlake in the upcoming William Rast (Justin’s clothing line) online campaign for the fall line. During our shopping trip Wasson was actually sporting a black foot boot because she was still recovering from an injury that she got while shooting the the series of short internet movies called “My Name is William Rast”. Justin plays William Rast, a rebel on the run, and Wasson plays his lover, Birdie. Think: modern day Bonnie and Clyde, only these two are much better looking. Clips have just been released. Check them out here and here.


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