Organic Wine Shows True Colors

I know reporting on wine is a stretch for a beauty blog, but I’m going to classify this one under health and wellness. After all, it is made from organic grapes. But that’s not the only thing that makes this Yellow + Blue Malbec special. Dr. Vino reports that instead of a bottle, the wine will come in a TetraPak (think juice-box packaging). The lightweight packaging will help to lower its carbon footprint. Get it? Yellow plus blue makes … that’s right.

I picked up a bottle (?) at Central Market a few weeks ago. It was about $10, and I was pleased to learn that because of the new packaging, it also held a third more wine than a conventional bottle. I can’t say I was super-impressed with the vino, though. I remember it having a slightly tinny aftertaste. But it’s green, it’s organic, and it’s inexpensive. Three reasons I’ll definitely try it again.


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