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Leading Off (1/27/17)

Finger-pointing continues over pension fund, ISIS threatens First Baptist Dallas, and more.
By Staci Parks |

A Water Gun, Trump, and Instagram Lead to a DISD Teacher’s Suspension. The W.H. Adamson High School teacher was placed on administrative leave Thursday after a video surfaced on social media that shows her shooting a water gun at a projected image of the president while yelling “Die!” The eight-second video was shot in a classroom and was posted to the teacher’s personal Instagram account Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

More Finger-Pointing, But No Answers. Negotiations to save Dallas’ police and fire pension system collapsed Thursday. Police and fire associations and city leaders criticized one another for not allowing enough of a role in discussions that ended early Wednesday. The conversation was halted at the threshold of an agreement, which would have gone to state legislators in hopes of a solid solution.

DISD Will Protest Vouchers and Rating System. The board of trustees has signed a resolution that challenges the call for school vouchers as well as the A-F ratings bestowed by the Texas Education Agency. The resolution passed 7-2, joining school boards across the state in a collective effort to oppose these concepts.

ISIS Threatens First Baptist Dallas. Earlier this month, an ISIS propaganda publication posted photos of Robert Jeffress’ mega church (and D Magazine World Headquarters neighbor) and suggestions that the building be the target of an arson attack. Officials are taking the threat seriously, although there’s no proof that an attack is in the works.

I Admire This Man’s Level of Pettiness. After receiving a rather large bill and limited answers from the North Texas Tollway Authority, Kenneth Fisher decided to take action (while paying his bill). Fisher dropped off 17,000 pennies, equaling 90 pounds, at the Plano office. Does he feel even slightly guilty? “Not at all. Not at all,” Fisher says. “In fact when everything is said and done, I intend to enjoy me a beer.”

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