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An Expanded Assessment of the Mavs’ City Edition Uniforms

One post wasn't enough.
Matthew Shelley

The jersey you see pictured here is part of the Dallas Mavericks’ new City Edition uniform. The City Edition sets debuted last season, when the NBA switched to Nike as its uniform supplier. They change from year to year and give teams a chance—in theory, at least—to get creative. Minnesota’s are purple, paying tribute to native son Prince, and Brooklyn uses a Coogi sweater pattern on the trim of its unis to honor The Notorious B.I.G. Denver’s are a modern update of their iconic rainbow skyline uniforms from the 1980s, and Miami has brought back its basically perfect neon “Vice” jerseys from last season with a slight tweak. Most of the City Editions are personal and aesthetically very pleasing, with thoughtful details and considered choices.

The jersey you see here is very much none of those things.

I thought last year’s iteration was sort of boring—the neon green lines that nodded to Bank of America Plaza in downtown were fine, if you got the reference—but it looks like it was designed by Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh in comparison to this one. Which, according to the press release I received when it was unveiled in November, is called the True Maverick. As in:

“A True Maverick is a little unorthodox and fearless. It’s an out-of-the-box thinker with a Lone Star swagger. Rooted deep in Dallas heritage, a True Maverick is bold, with an unrelenting passion for the game, uniquely genuine and progressive, just like the city it belongs to.”

I mean … what? An “out-of-the-box thinker”? Is this a jersey for a corporate retreat in 1998? Is this a jersey or a LinkedIn profile for someone who calls himself a “social media ninja”?

Unorthodox? Fearless? Because they added a hint of what they call True Teal? This looks like the knockdown merch they sell at Kroger. Honestly, at best, that’s what this jersey looks like.

This is the kind of whatever that comes out of a t-shirt cannon with an ad for a second-place wings establishment plastered on the back and a coupon attached by a rubber band.

This is like what you’d wear in a G League All-Star game.

This looks like it was designed by the anthropomorphic paper clip that used to help when you had a problem in Microsoft Word.

This jersey actually works because it absolutely looks like it should have an ad for an app no one has ever heard of on it.

Dirk Nowitzki should just retire so he doesn’t have to wear this jersey.

The best thing about this jersey is how good it looks when worn on top of a cornflower blue dress shirt.

You put this jersey on and your lower body is automatically enveloped in a pair of relaxed-fit Denizen jeans from Target.

You can’t buy this jersey in your size—it only comes in “too tight” or “ludicrously large.”

This jersey drives a 2013 Ford Explorer. A white 2013 Ford Explorer with beige interior.

This is like what a fake team wears in a video game.

I’d rather the Mavs play in San Antonio Spurs jerseys than this jersey.

If my son went to school in this jersey, he’d get suspended for violating dress code.

The team has a terrible, out-of-date logo and the suggestion is “Let’s make it bigger”?

What I’m saying is, these jerseys are awful.