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4 Ways to Renew and Recharge Your Skin in 2017

Dallas specialists weigh in on how to get youthful, glowing skin and share their must-have products.
By Stephanie Quadri |
1. Try the latest technology in skin-care therapy

Tori Smith, registered nurse at Elevate Medical Spa, says her favorite treatment for epidermal rejuvenation is ProFractional Laser ($1,000 to $1,500). It uses the body’s wound-healing response system to resurface and tighten skin, increasing collagen and evening out skin tone (goodbye, sun spots). “I think most patients 35 and up should have it done at least once a year for anti-aging,” Smith says. “You can start early for acne scars and remodeling of the skin, though most patients want the treatment for skin laxity and texture. I also think it’s one of the best treatments to tighten the skin under the eyes.” The treatment is minimally invasive but will require some downtime. Smith says to plan on staying in for a couple days; after about five days, patients can apply makeup again. She also recommends getting IPL photo-facials two to three times a year to maintain skin health and prevent aging.

Must-have product in 2017: ZO’s Ossential Daily Power Defense, which uses DNA repair enzymes to undo damage and protect your skin in the future.

2. Tweak daily routine and pop in for a spa visit

Renée Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and “master facialist” (according to InStyle), insists change begins with your daily routine. Set good habits. “Sleep on a firm pillow with your face hanging off the edge to prevent wrinkling,” she says. “Hang your head upside down for three minutes a day to increase blood flow to the face, and always use sunscreen during the day, even in the winter—and don’t neglect your neck.” Rouleau also suggests a new treatment called the Power Peptide Facial with Micro Needle Stamping ($180), available at her spas in One Arts Plaza and Plano. The process starts with an enzyme-softening peel and ultrasonic spatula for exfoliation, then a tri-peptide firming elixir delivers ultra-anti-aging benefits. Next, cellular regeneration is activated by gently stamping micro-fine needles over the skin. The hour-long treatment is finished off with a cooling, anti-inflammatory mask.

Must-have product in 2017: Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, one of singer Demi Lovato’s favorites. “It addresses so many issues, offers immediate improvement, and all skin types can use it,” Rouleau says.

3. Combine therapies for major revitalization

Vinita Schroeder, M.D., and medical esthetician Cassy Snetzer at Park Cities Skin Care believe combination therapy, customized for each client, is key. They also note that winter is a good time for resurfacing and hydrating. “Photo fractional [$1,000 to $2,500] is
the single best treatment with long-term benefits,” Schroeder says. “It helps with pigmentation and texture, and stimulates collagen production, improving an uneven skin tone and dull complexion.” Schroeder also recommends Viora therapy ($300), which uses radio frequency to target sagging and wrinkles and tightens skin on both the face and neck. Snetzer is an advocate for the Clear + Brilliant treatment ($300 per area), which offers the effects of laser therapy—“refreshing skin from the inside out, improving skin tone, minimizing pore size, and providing radiant, glowing skin”—with the advantage of requiring minimal downtime.

Must-have product in 2017: Biopelle Tensage Stem Cell Cream, an anti-aging cream that firms, tightens, and improves skin tone.

4. Treat yourself to a healthier lifestyle

Michelle Bardwell, who studied aromatic medicine and naturotherapy in France for more than a decade before founding Flower Road Natural Therapies, lets an ancient Greek aphorism guide her practice: “Know thyself.” “Skin will show when you are taking care of yourself on the inside,” Bardwell says. “Exercise, diet, health, and mental wellness are all important. Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food. You wouldn’t put chemicals in your body, why put them on your skin?” She suggests starting the new year by “cleaning up and simplifying: food, house, and skin care.” Begin with a synthetic-free cleanser such as Flower Road’s olive oil soap, which launches this month along with 13 essential-oil-based formulas (available at Joanna Czech in Victory Park and Dallas Yoga Center). Use a simple washcloth to exfoliate, apply toner, then massage the skin with moisturizer—or, in the winter, when skin is especially dry, face oil.

Must-have product in 2017: Flower Road Renne Cream, Bardwell’s bestseller. “It effectively feeds the skin on the face, gives the skin a dewy, youthful look, and can help ease the redness, inflammation, and flakiness of rosacea and eczema,” she says.