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The Best Biscuits in Dallas

Whether you like them light and fluffy or thick and doughy, you've got options.
Photography by Kevin Marple

Chef Tim Byres’ haute Oak Cliff smokehouse puts a modern spin on Southern classics, and his biscuits are no different. Byres works the dough gently to achieve a light and fluffy biscuit. Slather on some of Smoke’s house-made jam and you have some down-home—albeit artisanal—eating.

Crossroads Diner
It should be no surprise that the former chef of The Riviera—one of Dallas’ top restaurants until it closed in 2003—cooks the city’s best breakfast. At his Northeast Dallas breakfast-and-lunch-only cafe, Tom Fleming bakes with the best of them: sticky buns, flaky croissants, and, of course, biscuits. Sweet and buttery, Crossroads Diner’s biscuits are the moistest in town. Fleming’s recipe is based on his maternal grandmother’s and is what she called a “no-fail” recipe. Using yeast, baking soda, and baking powder, the batter always rises. Whole butter makes the biscuits light and fluffy.

Owner Kent Rathbun’s ode to gourmet backyard cuisine at this popular Plano restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a great biscuit. The celebrity chef mixes lime juice, lime zest, and chilies with his favorite family recipe for an uncommon biscuit that is slightly tart and spicy.

Hungry diners flock to this East Dallas home-cooking institution for its famous biscuits, and rightly so. Thick and doughy with a nice, crusty top, these baked beauties have a slightly sweet flavor thanks to the addition of beer to the batter. They’re the diner food of the gods.

Bubba’s Cooks Country
The park cities’ elite meet every morning at this art deco-style diner (housed in a vintage 1927 Texaco service station) for the cheapest power breakfast in town. Bubba’s biscuits are its crown jewel. The biscuit’s buttery, golden-brown crust reveals a moist, almost cake-like interior. Bubba’s won’t share the recipe; it’s a family secret. But it doesn’t matter. Chances are you grew up eating biscuits just like those at Bubba’s. They’re nothing fancy, just old-school perfection.