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Restaurant Review: Dough Pizzeria

Poor service, cold food, and a big bill are not a great combination.
Photography by Kevin Marple

We were a party of two adults and two children. We ordered two glasses of wine, two salads, and three pizzas. We paid $127.01. I probably wouldn’t have gasped so loud when the bill came if the food had been better. The kitchen uses high-quality ingredients; they deserve to be cooked and served properly. It didn’t help that the service lagged from the second we sat down. I noticed two servers talking about who was going to take the table, and obviously they didn’t reach an agreement, because, after 10 minutes, I had to flag someone down. Was it the fact that it was Saturday night and we had kids? I hope not. Once we got water and wine, the 4-year-old ran up to the bar and hoisted himself onto a stool to watch the pizza makers toss the dough around. They put on such a great show that we now have a budding pizzaiolo in the family. When our pizza arrived, the server apologized for “taking so long to get it to you.” Don’t you think he would have known the thin-crust pizza would be cold? Nobody wants to eat fine salami, sausage, pancetta, and speck on tepid house-made fior di latte that costs $18. Not even a 4-year-old.

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