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Other articles of interest in our April 2012 edition.

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Jacqueline Buckingham Anderson

The wife of the new DMA director on her role as actress, entrepreneur, and henchwoman.
by Tim Rogers

Fashion Cycles

by Kristi & Scot Redman

Bow to Convention

by Jeanne Prejean

The Grifter’s Guide to Dating Dallas Widows

Our town is blessed with a bounty of beautiful, wealthy, unattached women whose philanthropic efforts continue to shape the city. A man with a good game plan could make hay. Here’s some intel to get you started.
by Joseph Capasso

Counter Strike

After complaining about the idea of biennale exhibitions, the Dallas Contemporary launches the city’s first biennale exhibition. Wait, what?.
by Peter Simek

What It’s Like To Be Mayor of Dallas

by Tim Rogers & Zac Crain