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The Scene: September 2009

Reebok Heroes Celebrity Baseball Kick-off Rewind Party

For three years, the Reebok Heroes Celebrity Baseball kick-off party has been the party of the summer. To be fair, there’s not much to compete with it in June. But with Mike Modano and Mark Cuban as celeb hosts (not to mention a few B-list celebs in attendance), it’s usually an event to look forward to. Although, this year, we weren’t expecting much. Our sour economy meant no big-name band (Counting Crows and Lifehouse performed in the past), but we headed to the ’80s-themed Rewind soiree on a steamy Friday night anyway. The first thing we saw when we pulled up to the warehouse in Fair Park was a mesh-shirted Mike Modano and wife Willa Ford spilling out of a limo. Willa was sporting a banana clip, which made us warm to her in a way we haven’t previously (middle-school flashbacks, surely). Inside was a swarm of skateboarders working the half-pipe, a man “tagging” a wall, and a row of old-school video games like Donkey Kong and Frogger. (Frogger is still hard.) A couple drinks later, doors opened up in the back, and we were mesmerized by break dancers. We were sure they had to be from Jersey. “We’re from Ohio,” they told us when they finished spinning on their backs. In the restroom, cans of glittery hair spray paint crowded the counters for revelers to use. “Isn’t this the best party ever?” a girl said to us as she shook the can and painted a yellow streak in her hair. Suddenly, the lights went dark, and Joey Fatone appeared onstage. Yes, Joey Fatone from Dancing with the Stars and ’N Sync fame. We rushed to the front. “Who’s ready to rock?” he asked. We threw our hands in the air and made the hang loose sign for the first time in, um, ever. Four dudes with major hair, extremely tight pants, and no shirts on came running out with guitars. “Hello, San Diego!” they screamed. We looked at each other. Were they kidding? (Yes. The band, Steel Panther, is an ’80s cover band with a regular gig in Vegas and L.A. every weekend. But we didn’t know this at the time.) No matter. As soon as they started singing “Talk Dirty to Me,” we were dancing like we were at a keg party in a field back at Blue Valley High.

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