Eat This Now: Bacon and Eggs


Bacon: Chef Rathbun uses Niman Ranch chipotle bacon. He cuts the pieces 3/8-inch thick and coats them with a black pepper and molasses glaze. The bacon is cooked in a wood-burning pizza oven until it is crisp. To finish, the bacon is cut into four pieces and stacked.

Chive Oil: Chef Rathbun blends spinach, salt, olive oil, and chives to make this oil.

Eggs: Duck eggs are used for the dish because they are creamier than chicken eggs. The eggs are scrambled with chive truffle butter—whipped whole butter with kosher salt, black pepper, truffle oil, and fresh chives. They are scooped onto a piece of toasted brioche bread and garnished with chives and julienned black truffle from Oregon. The truffles can be found at Central Market.


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