Dr. Brady Performs a Surgery Few Women Discuss

NETHER, NETHER LAND: Dr. Brady performs a surgery few women discuss.
photography by Doug Davis

Last may we created a minor stir. We published a story about vaginas and the surgeries Dallas women are receiving to tighten them and make them as cosmetically beautiful as augmented breasts. Some people were not pleased we reported this. But Dr. Wesley Anne Brady wasn’t among them. She was an OB-GYN in town, trying to balance her practice with the demands of personal life: her two small children and her husband Jeff, the 5 pm anchor on Channel 8. What excited her about our piece was that no doctor in Dallas performed the surgery, known as Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. And only two doctors in Texas did it. Brady realized that if she were able to quit her obstetrician work, she’d have more time for the kids. By June of 2006 she was in LA taking the LVR course of Dr. David Matlock, the pioneer of the surgery and star of the E! reality show Dr. 90210. Today she has opened her own practice, the Women’s Wellness Institute of Dallas, and is the only doctor in the city performing LVRs. (Although Dr. Otoniel Huertas of Mesquite recently received training.)

Though there is a vain connotation attached to the surgery, it is first and foremost a response to sexual dissatisfaction among monogamous women. Sex isn’t the same after kids; many women can’t feel their husbands. Necessary or not, it’s still not as publicly accepted as, say, a nose job. Brady, however, found that the reward of opening her own clinic is worth the risk. By July, mere weeks after opening her doors, she had scheduled six women for the operation.