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D Magazine April 2003


Bright Young Things

We, like you, are slaves to fashion. Which is why these eight people caught our eye. In this year’s tribute to spring fashion in Dallas, we bring you the people who make our fair city a more stylish place to live. From a gallery owner to a budding chanteu
By D Magazine

Business: Divorce Over Dinner

Most restaurateurs would give a limb for one successful spot in Dallas. Royce Ring and Russell Hayward had two: Tom Tom Noodle House and Club Nikita in the red-hot West Village. So why did these partners—and longtime friends—call it quits?
By Ellise Pierce

Dallas Shops

Check out our favorite digs for gardening gear.
By Kristie Ramirez


Readers talk back about Wright Sigmund, the Catholic bishop, why we live here, and patriotic duty.
By D Magazine

First Person: The Doctor Is In

The most complete physical available to mankind, at the Baylor Executive Edge, begins with a nap and ends with a whimper. Just make sure they have peanut butter for your smoothie.
By Tim Rogers

Publisher’s Note

Why Dallas is a city that doesn’t work—and how to fix it.


Come back kid T. Boone Pickens, the gayest show on cable, Dr. Phil comes out clean, an unbelievable babe, Kelly Clarkson watch, and more.
By Kristie Ramirez

Secrets from the City’s Attic

We dug through the collection of the Dallas Historical Society in Fair Park’s Hall of State and uncovered relics from Dallas’ past. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
By D Magazine

Society: Poor, Rich, Pitiful Me

From stinking rich to sort of rich: one man laments having to downgrade to Johnny Walker Black.
By Anonymous
Best Lists

The Best Public Elementary School in Dallas

Finding the best elementary schools in town is no easy task. So we enlisted the help of Just for the Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in schools across Texas. Using their unique system, we identified which sch
By D Magazine

The Cowboy Way

Savor the American West experience at the Hideout in Wyoming.
By Mary Brown Malouf

Topless Bars and Bottom Lines

The Dallas convention business is headed for catastrophe, thanks to a slow economy, an unmanaged center, a moralistic mayor, and a lap dance or two—conditions, some say, for a Perfect Storm.
By Adam McGill
Cover Story

What $250,000 Will Buy You

A quarter of a million dollars may not stretch as far as it used to. But it certainly goes further when you’re buying a house in, say, Frisco, than if you’re planning to settle down in Preston Hollow. And, with all the rumors ci
By Dawn McMullen