What’s all the buzz about? Infrastructure of the future.

The idea behind Beetail.com is simple-turn Internet shoppers into Internet buyers. By using their one-of-a-kind software application called Stinger, that’s exactly what Beetail.com is doing. Their suite of products and services not only creates, scans, and manages inventory for e-commerce businesses, it also has the unique ability to predict and match consumer preferences.

Are they mind readers? No. Do they have one-of-a-kind software? Definitely.

When lifelong buddies Matt Hawkins, Chris Cooper, and Andrew Nevitt began start-up Etail Ventures over a year ago, they were intent to create a series of lean, profitable online retail businesses. It all started when they developed the search engine for tiethebow.com, their beta site that offers gift services from top retailers. As they were about to launch, the partners saw Wall Street begin to shift its gaze from B2C to B2B. The partners realized the software and services vital to running their retail web site could easily enhance profitability as a plug-in for other retail sites. New York-based Business-Development.com embraced the idea, providing capital and clients. Thus Beetail.com -an e-commerce infrastructure software and service provider-was born.

According to the National Retail Federation, 51 of the top 100 retailers have yet to construct sites that accept orders. And by merely increasing the shopper-to-buyer conversion rate by one percent, retailers could see their profits rise exponentially. That defined the market and opportunity for Bee-tail.com, Etail Ventures’ infrastructure play. “We are helping online retailers answer the capital markets’ demand for profitability.” Cooper says. “They recognize Beetail can quickly add value to this under-served niche through our branded inventory search engine and database software.”

Along with their technical partners, Bombay-based Annet Communications, they developed a suite of software products designed to complete the e-commerce buying circle. First among them is Stinger Intuition Engine Software? which takes an ethereal approach to retrieve product information, unlike other search engines using finite data. By relying on qualitative, intangible, user-oriented characteristics such as interests, tastes, and personality. Stinger profiles available inventory and delivers a custom list of targeted buying options. It exposes consumers to merchandise they may not have been aware of and provides choices that a typical search engine could never provide.

Beehive Link Management enables affiliates to sell products from a database of Beetail merchants (eToys, jcrew.com and others) with a single shopping cart. Consumers never leave the homepage, giving the referring site added value plus a commission. The Beehive, next generation software for affiliate programs, is designed for high traffic sites that don’t emphasize retail sales. Finally, Worker Bee Inventory Scanning Software, scans the status of inventory links to make sure consumers are never offered out-of-stock products.

Etail Ventures’ Hawkins. Cooper, and Nevitt report that more software is currently in beta testing to help turn online shoppers into buyers, web managers into heroes, and retailers into more successful companies. “We’re going to continue to focus on retail infrastructure, demonstrating that we are a reliable provider.” Hawkins says. “We are in an attractive market niche with incredible demand and are determined to help take e-commerce further.”


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