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None of the Gerald Peters Gallery artists
were under contract when the blowup hap
pened. Most knew and respected Dunn’s gallery experience, but they were also impressed by Pillsbury’s museum pedigree. The question that has the art world talking is, “Talley or Ted? “

Sam Gummelt, painter:

“I’m crazy about Talley and Lisa. They’re the greatest people I’ve ever worked with in galleries, I didn’t know what was going to happen with Gerald Peters. I’ve seen him two times in ail those years. Why stay with his gallery? I’ll feel lost with whoever’s there.”
James Watral, ceramicist:
“Ted Pillsbury lends a tremendous amount of weight. He served with considerable distinction at the Kimbell and brings worldwide connections as well as respect as an administrator and art historian, which add to the dimensions of the Gerald Peters Gallery.”
Nie Nicosia, photographer: “I decided Talley the minute I knew of her gallery because my relationship never was with Gerry. As far as my work goes, my relationship was with Talley and Lisa. That was the reason I was with Lisa and Talley. I did photograph Gerry’s family, but as far as a relationship with my work, I’d assume he wouldn’t know.”
Linda Ridgway, sculptor:
“I can’t tell you the difference Talley’s made in my career. She’s been really fabulous at developing places to show my work, as well as giving me the opportunity to be represented in the city….Also Lisa Hirschler Brown, both have been tremendous helping me promote my work throughout the state. It was an easy decision on my part…. I removed my work. I wanted to take the opportunity to think about what I was going to do, and I knew I wanted to work with Talley whatever she wanted to do.”

Linnea Glatt, sculptor:
“I’m not represented by anyone presently. I’m continuing to do what 1 do without a gallery affiliation at this point.”

Frances Bagley, sculptor: “After Talley announced she was leaving, and I’d already resigned from Gerald Peters. Turner and Runyon invited me to join them. There was communication among me and Gerald and Talley and Lisa, and between me and Beth Taylor at Gerald Peters in making this change. I discussed it with them all from many points of view…. Talley and Lisa were getting started. Kenneth [Turner] and John [Runyon] were anxious to do something with my work. It was really positive on every note.”
David Bates:, painter
“When I was working with thai gallery, even though Gerald Peters’ name was on the door, Talley’s the one E had a working relationship with. She came to the studio and looked at things. Talley was excited. During the couple shows I had, Gerry and I talked maybe a paragraph, not because we didn’t like each other, but we didn’t run into each other much. The reason I would follow Talley was because of the business relationship we have and support she’s given me. Ted’s a friend- He’s exciting and will bring a whole museum background and great depth of art history knowledge, which is also rare. But I’ve kind of already made a commitment.”

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