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In every publication we produce, we look for a unique, clear focus. In the case of D Business, we’ve been fortunate in that the theme stated in our subtitle, “The People Who Mean Business in Dallas/Fort Worth.” came to us so easily.

Throughout the formation of this enterprise, we have been struck by the fact that in today’s market, and particularly in our region, business is increasingly a function of people and decreasingly a function of commodities. Business leaders here don’t speak in terms of physical plant or equipment, but in terms of ideas and people. Instead of boasting about the size of a new warehouse, we are more likely to hear these leaders beaming over the acumen of their newest hires.

As we looked for the best stories about business in our region, we found that we weren’t talking about factories or oil wells or even land resources. Instead, we were looking at companies that thrive on the strengths of their employees. This is both appropriate and exciting in a city that has long been storied as a place where entre-preneurism reigns supreme.

Jim Cannavino, the new president and CEO of Perot Systems, understands this concept all too well. In our cover story, he tells us that his “most critical assets drive home in the evening and spend time with their families and friends.”

Perhaps our empathy with that philosophy lies in the fact that, like most of our friends in the advertising world, we have no physical assets. No printing plant, no fleet of trucks, no warehouse, just people who know Dallas and Fort Worth and want to share their stories.

That’s why we felt it necessary to create D Business. For 23 years, our magazine has focused on the people of our region; it’s no surprise that we would tell the stories of how they will drive our growth this year and into the next century.

While on the subject of the importance of people. I would be remiss if I did not applaud the Herculean efforts of the entire D staff in making this premiere issue a reality- Their tenacity represents the epitome of people who mean business.

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