WHO: Greg Louganis

WHY: To autograph his best-seller, Breaking The Surface

PICKS: Texas time means quiet family time for Louganis, says local publicist Lenore Markowitz. When the diver wasn’t signing books for the 3, 000-plus people who stood in line to see him, he was visiting with East Texas relatives and his mom, a native Texan turned Californian, who joined the reunion for a three-day visit.

WHO: Carol Channing

WHY: To star in Hello, Dolly at the Music Hall at Fair Park

PICKS: In addition to high-profile performances and dinners, Channing put on a special performance at the The Village Station to benefit Dallas’ AIDS Resource Center. She presented Dr. Douglas Crowder, a volunteer at the center since it opened, with the Diamond Award for his help with over 2, 000 patients with AIDS.

WHO: John Grisham

WHY: To speak at SMU as part of the Tare Lecture Series

PICKS: The writer of best-selling thrillers (The Client, The Pelican Brief) is also a JFK buff, so he decided to explore Dealey Plaza. “He didn’t have time to see The Sixth Floor Exhibit, so he wandered around the plaza and reenacted the whole thing, ” said Kit Richardson Sawers, director of SMU lecture programs.

WHO: Pauly Shore

WHY: To promote the release of the film Jury Duty.

PICKS: Ever the poster child for the terminally young and hip, Shore gravitated toward Planet Hollywood, where he presented a gavel used as a prop in his new movie, and to the less high-profile but equally trendy Lizard Lounge. He also showed a clear enthusiasm for the chocolate chip cookies in his room at the Adolphus-he scarfed them down upon checking in and then immediately had more sent up to him.


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