One of a Kind, Second to None.

In the periphery of possibilities, on the fringes of dreams, in the purple of midnight, in the desert gust, a sheen on the golden edge of an empty plate sparked night into sunrise. And it is about all dreams of freedom, of art. of life. It is where the infinite right and eternal left converge into the embodiment of enlightenment -steadfast, sacred, recalcitrant. It is a culmination. It is human.

Enigma is not a school or movement of an art, but an identity. It is not didactic, commercial nor does it wish to allure. However, recognition from the kindred is considered a high honor. “Luxury is not collection, but selection,” Ayn Rand once proclaimed. And within its realm, Enigma simply asserts its options of being and of choice. It is an attainment of character and confidence. Degas called Gauguin a wolf at the door. A wolf unshackled, electing the possibility of hunger, of death, over bondage. And so Enigma’s creator roams stealthily, passionately hunting for nourishment of the soul, collecting them into a his mystery. Only his finds betray his existence and whisper of his nature.

At Enigma all rules are broken into bewildering bifurcation, into chaos, crystallizing into unknown, never before witnessed patterns of beauty. But there are no patterns, just hints, wisps. All categorization efforts built upon personal expectations are ephemeral, illusory. The images formed in the mind are mirages of impatience and habit, prompted by the master trickster to taunt and challenge the imagination of all who dare. Ruses are laden in the Enigma labyrinth, but the answers are awaiting.

The art is layer upon layer, shell over shell. Integrity and quality are at the core. It is revealed in each work of art, no piece arbitrary – no silver, no china, no wine, no wall, no cup. no choice, no variation, no ward, no action. Each one independent, possessing its own character, its own significance, its own presence, but all interwoven in the silk of its being. Each strand selected by its gifted visionary-owner from the treasure chests and living museums of Italy. France and the world.

Enigma’s master stroke, Chef Aguillon, is truly a versatile artist, reminiscent of the stature and refinement of a Camille Claudel. He basks in his freedom to create as his muse inspires, while always, always heeding the guest’s desires. With a limitless lot to cultivate his imagination, he flourishes in the challenge to prepare over 60 entrees, one dish more delectable and ornate than the next, but no two presentations identical. Enigma does not belong in Dallas, it does not belong anywhere. It is an anomaly, a shadow and a glint in the penumbra of daily existence. It is a facet of the countenance of endless manifestations of the art of life, quintessential in nature, ultimate in scope. It is a rich inner journey. It is Human Being.

Enigma elevates the dining experience to an art form. Located at 2515 McKinney Avenue and Routh, Enigma, an exciting new concept in dining, takes us into the twenty-first century by breaking all the traditional restaurant rules. In fact, the only rule at Enigma is to break the rules. In a word, enigma means puzzle, mystery, or illusion. The namesake, “Enigma” is a fascinating three-dimensional bronze sculpture created by Bill Mack.

Enigma is a gorgeous, but intimate restaurant into which millions of dollars have been invested on decor alone. Enigma is an art gallery; however, it maintains a cozy seating capacity of forty. There is breath-taking art at every corner. Tables are a variety of different geometric shapes made of Italian Rosolevanto marble. No two tables are set alike, in fact no two place settings are alike. Even each menu differs in content and design. The entrees also continue the theme of one of a kind; if two guests request the same entree, the presentation will differ with each plate.

The plates themselves are works of art. The tables are set with an extraordinary assortment of the world’s most exclusive designer pieces of china (over 800 pieces) making it one of the largest private collections ever seen. One might dine on Erté Gianni Versace, Glen, Limoges, Fabergé, Gloria. Taito, Rosenthal Studio Line, Villeroy and Boch, Mikasa or Fitz and Floyd. One might drink from Baccarat, Lalique or D’arques. The unique flatware is unlike any that diners have ever seen. Enigma is truly an interior designer’s Utopia. All of these elements together make Enigma an alluring, exciting and comfortable place to visit- Its atmosphere will draw in visitors much like the beautiful artwork within draws its viewers inside. Enigma is second to none, not only in beauty, but also in content. The best Cognac, Armagnac, Ports and Grappas are featured; Enigma is also the largest Single Malt Scotch bar in America. Enigma is open Monday through Saturday from 5:30 to 11 p.m. Complimentary valet parking. Major credit cards accepted. Available Sunday for private parties reservation call: (214) 953-1111


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