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By Eric Celeste |

Spats GLORIA MARTINEZ, a former Park Board employee, claims she has been placed into a workaday Siberia because
of an embarrassing lawsuit she has filed against the nation’s largest health firm. Kaiser Permanente. The suit
involves Park Board president FRANK WISE, his wife, and one heated memo.

The suit, scheduled to be tried November 27, alleges that while Martinez was in counseling at Kaiser for chronic
depression, Kaiser employee DANISE WISE (Mrs, Frank) asked Martinez’s therapist about her medical condition.
Martinez was soon after denied a promotion to become Fair Park Assistant General Manager, even though she had always
received an “Excellent” overall rating on her performance reviews.

Martinez’s therapist alerted Kaiser higher-ups about the rejection, and after the lawsuit was filed, a peer review
board recommended firing Mrs. Wise. Kaiser officials will say only that she no longer works there, but Wise signed a
memo written by her supervisor acknowledging that the breach of confidentiality did take place.

Martinez cites her reclassification to a make-work job in the City Hall basement as proof that the affair has caused
major problems. She says that after Wise and her coworkers repeatedly “threatened” and then ignored her, she asked to
be put on leave. Her attorney, ART GONZALEZ,and Assistant City Manager LEVI DAVIShelped get her another
job with the city. Wise, asked if he had used the information to deny Martinez her promotion, refused to comment for
D. Kaiser’s lawyers cited Martinez’s contact with D as reason for discontinuing mediation. Meanwhile, Martinez sits in
the basement and waits. Don’t be surmised if there are further legal fireworks.