NEIGHBORS These days, few are counting on the Dallas real estate market to brighten up those twilight years, but W.K. HILL is no average speculator. In fact, Hill, 63, a down-and-out Oak Cliff writer, says he owns nothing else of any value except a small, 8-by-12 burial vault-and he is counting on it to help him through this world rather than the next.

Hill, you see, has long owned the crypt at Hillcrest Mausoleum directly adjoining the one owned by the esteemed First Baptist Church icon, the Rev. w.A-criswell. And Hill, who describes himself as “non-Baptist, nonChristian, and non-savable,” is betting there are plenty of the well-heeled faithful out there who would just, uh. die for this final resting place, which he hopes to sell for $100,000.

After all. when the rapture comes, who among the fold wouldn’t want to awaken from that long slumber in tandem with the leader of the world’s largest Baptist flock?

“Who’s to say the coattail effect can’t work in religion as well as politics?” Hill asks. His only worry now is that the good reverend, who turns 81 this month, will somehow backslide and reduce the value of the vault. “Let’s just say I’m praying for his continued spiritual well-being.” says Hill.


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