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Quietly tucked away in its comfortable niche since the early thirties, Preston Center has continued to thrive while the surrounding neighborhoods-and the city-have grown up around it. The center was far north when the rest of Dallas was clustered south. When the northern growth took off. Preston Center was right in the heart of it. However, being in the right place at the right time doesn’t necessarily guarantee continued success. Preston Center has managed to change with the times without relinquishing its identity as a neighborhood shopping center. Its biggest drawing cards remain; location., with easy access from both the tollroad and Central Expressway; its mixed use of retail, services, restaurants and doctors offices; and the ample, close-in parking.

On the following pages you’ll find a guide to Preston Center, with information on the stores and businesses located in this verv diverse area.

Haden Spa and Fitness, 5974 W. Northwest Hwy., 750-0894

Lindsav Place, 8455 Kate St., 691-1470

Preston Jewelry Center, 6127 Berkshire Lane, 987-0475

Santa Fe Optical. 6119 Berkshire Lane, 692-7444

Just Add Water, 6139 Luther Lane, 691-5881

Southwest Savings, 8404 Westchester, 696-2191

The Laraporium, 6124 Berkshire Lane, 369-5877

Great Pets, 8225 Preston-B, 361-7120

Taffy’s, 5960 W. Northwest Hwy., 369-8136

Ben. R. Weber Antiques & Gifts, 6123 Berkshire Lane, 361-7733

Pal and Inge’s Deli, 6027 Berkshire Lane, 691-2164

Mahoney Realtors ? Serious buyers in the Park Cities are becoming more prevalent this spring according to Dan Mahoney with Mahoney Realtors. “For the first time in over two years we appear to be in a sustained period of very high activity. In the recent past we have experienced brief surges of activity and sales only to fall back into inactivity. Now it seems to be lasting and has continued through the fail of last year into the first quarter of 1988, ” said Mahoney. “It is too soon to predict overall price increases which normally follow high demand. We have, however, seen many isolated cases of definite increases in some locations and some types of homes. “

Mahoney Realtors is located at 6021 Berkshire Lane. 750-9300.

Kelly’s Flowers, 5926 W. Northwest Hwy’, 368-6697

Sunglass World Optical, 5932 W. Northwest Hwy., 369-7771

Preston Center Animal Clinic, 5934 W. Northwest Hwy., 368-3592 Your Florist, 5938 W. Northwest Hwy., 363-5429

Preston Florist, 8225 Preston Road, 361-6188

Watches and More Fine Jewelry 8421 Westchester, 369-2810

Foley’s, 8335 Westchester, 987-6910

Chuck’s, 8309 Westchester, 369-7600

Bon Sheri, 8307 Westchester, 369-8988

Mel Crews, 8305 B Westchester, 368-5440

Lettuce Works Plus. 8305 Westchester, 368-5211

Peak Nutrition Centers. 6033 Luther Lane, 696-8812

Phelan’s… Not Just 4 Walls, 6031 Luther Lane, 368-6455

Aston’s English Bakery, 6029 Luther Lane, 368-6425

Wally Williams, 6024 Luther Lane, 368-1431

Mac’s Deli, 6026 Luther Lane, 361-8137

Maxine’s Shoes, 6030 Luther Lane, 692-6546

Oriental Art & Antiques. 6102 Luther Lane, 739-6542

Suburban Optical Inc., 6108 Luther Lane, 363-4474

Happy Happy Hallmark, 6110 Luther Lane, 361-7466

Whiddon’s Shoes, 6112 Luther Lane, 691-0285

Preston Luggage & Gifts, 6124 Luther Lane, 361-4931

Camille’s Creations, 6134 Luther Lane, 750-0073

Preston Shoe and Tailor Service, 6136 Luther Lane, 369-4342

Frames & More. 6138 Luther Lane. 691-3810

Sargent’s Jewelry, Inc. 6142 Luther Lane, 361-1484

Metro Diner. 6144 Luther Lane, 368-9255

Kid’s Kloset, 6146 Luther Lane, 369-2243

Tic Coon Trading Co., 6148 Luther Lane, 369-8437

Alan Stone Salon, 6170 Sherry Lane, 987-9799

Kit’s Boutique, 6064 Sherry Lane. 368-7682

Hoyt R. Matise Residential Brokerage, 6058 Sherry Lane, 363-1521

Dr. O. Reynolds Young, 6036 Sherry Lane, 361-1300

Toni & Guy International. 6030 Sherry Lane, 696-3825

Diet Center ? The counselors at the DIET CENTER can show you how to eat sensibly and be satisfied with low-fat, low cholesterol foods. Average weight loss is 17 to 25 pounds over a six-week period. The DIET CENTER can also provide a full follow-through program consisting of weekly weigh-ins and a maintenance program that helps raise your metabolism to keep you thin. Call 234-2992 for the nearest location or call Nan at Preston Center, 369-8989.

Mark E. Glover, DDS, MSD, Suite 601, Douglas Plaza, 8226 Douglas. 691-5593

Walter C. Vail, DDS, 6007 Sherry Lane, 691-8200

Glenden A. Hoffman. MD, Steven A.

Hoffman, MD, 8226 Douglas, Suite 730, 369-6494

Wonderful World of Cooking, 6023 Sherry Lane, 750-0382

Richard A. Zweig, DDS ? It’s perfectly natural to want great teeth. Using new advances in esthetic dentistry, it’s now possible to whiten your smile and correct teeth that are irregular, worn down, chipped, gapping or slightly crooked, with little drilling, no injections or braces. Dr. Zweig has been featured in the Forum of Esthetic Dentistry, and on television and radio for creating new. healthy and dazzling smiles. For the finest in cosmetic dentistry, call today for your complimentary initial consultation. Dr. Zweig is located at 8117 Preston Road. 150 Preston Commons West, 361-6302.

Domino’s Pizza, 6045 Sherry Lane, 691-7511

Lively Realty, 6049 Sherry Lane, 361-8900

Millie’s Facial Firm, 6059 Sherry Lane, 363-8528

Ye Olde Optical Shoppe, 6063 Sherry Lane. 368-5412

Vice Versa Restaurant & Catering, 6065 Sherry Lane, 691-2976

Lamar Savings. 6071 Sherry Lane, 369-6500

The Original DermaCUture Skin Care, 6117 Sherry Lane, 373-8673

Preston Park Realtors, 6141 Sherry Lane, 750-0523

Design Co-op, 6128 Berkshire Lane, 373-1305

Coffee Co., 6123 Berkshire Lane, 369-5704

Bellissima Beauty Center, 6134 Berkshire Lane, 368-4605

Preston Center Optical. 6138 Berkshire Lane, 368-2432

Carmoy’s, 6144 Berkshire Lane, 369-9916

Majestic Savings, 8323 Preston Road,739-5500

Notable Accents and Tokens, 8204 Kate St., 369-5525

Lombardi’s Express, 6135 Luther Lane,361-6984

Chateau Hair & Nail Designs, 8315 Preston Road, 750-5766

American Eyewear, 8309 Preston Road, 750-5793

Bon Bon, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 110, 739-6728

The Party Place, 8411 Preston Road. Suite 102, 696-4550

Richard Brooks, 6131 Luther Lane, Suite 200, 739-2772

Francine’s of Dallas, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 106, 363-4977

Monograms, Etc., 8411 Preston Road, Suite 107, 363-1546

Ric Bishop Salon, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 108, 692-5910

Yerxa Fine Jewelry & Silver, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 139, 739-3906

Castle Gap Jewelry, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 138, 361-1677

Esquire Tuxedo, 5990 W. Northwest Hwy., Suite 136. 691-3663

World Cycle, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 137, 363-2029

Szechwan Pavilion, 8409 Preston Road, 368-4303

The Sharper Image, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 130, 750-0993

Canterbury of New Zealand, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 128, 368-1088

Hampton’s Seafood, 8411 Preston Road. 739-3474

Multiples, Sandra Garratt, 8411 PrestonRoad, Suite 118, 750-1745

Monday’s Child Update, 6129 Luther Lane, 739-0063

Stride Rite, 6127 Luther Lane, 373-1182

Amy’s, 6121 Luther Lane, 691-7733

The Gnome Tree, 6126 Berkshire Lane, 369-9922

Rodier Paris and Roilier Homines, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 124, 373-7798

First Texas Savings. 6019 Berkshire Lane, 363-2443

Bock Jewelry, 6019 Berkshire Lane, Suite 200, 692-9000

Southwest Title. 6013 Berkshire Lane, 373-3800

The Cooking School, 6003A BerkshireLane. 361-9848

Primrose, 8411 Preston Road, Suite 122,739-8688

Bright Bank, 8333 Douglas, Suite 100,750-5100

Metropolitan Financial Mortgage Co.,5949 Sherry Lane, 691-3300

Bright Bane, 8300 Preston Road, Suite 100, 739-8211

The Gazebo, 8300 Preston Road, 373-6661

Mark Shale, 8300 Preston Road, Suite 300, 368-6200

Henry S. Miller Realtor, 8300 Preston Road, Suite 111, 363-8200 Hexter Fair Tille Co., 8300 Preston Road, 361-2878

Goodies from Goodman, 8302 Preston Center Plaza, 692-0773

Hank Dickerson Realtors, 8308 Preston Center Plaza. 691-0000

Gary Gunn Jewelers, 8310 Preston Center Plaza, 361-1337 Linz Jewelers ● Joseph Linz established his first jewelry store in Denison, Texas in 1877 Two years later the firm moved to Sherman and in 1891, to Dallas, At that time his brothers Simon, Albert and Ben participated in the business which was already being called “one of the most elegant stores in the South. ” Times grew so prosperous that in 1899 they built one of Dallas’ first skyscrapers, a seven story structure known as the Linz Brothers’ Building. People flocked in to view the city from the seventh floor and to see the famous “diamond horseshoe” display cases on the first floor. Customers ranged from local folks to famous celebrities. Today, Linz Jewelers still serves the most prominent of families, many of them the grandchildren of people who traded with Joseph Linz and his brothers. Albert Linz Hirsch. president emeritus and nephew of Albert Linz continues the family tradition of excellence at the Preston Center store in Dallas. Linz Jewelers, 4017 Northwest Parkway, 361-6646.

CompuShop, 4009 Northwest Parkway, 739-0822

Taylor’s Book store, 4001 Northwest Parkway, 363-1500

The Culinary Shop, 8407 Pickwick, 361-9865

Spindletop Yarn Shop. 4008 Villanova. 691-2489

Fork n’ Spoon, 4019 Villanova, 361-7687 James Lingerie & Linens, 4017 Villanova, 696-6771

Coiffure Continental, 8313 Preston Center, 363-6424

Sound Warehouse. 8400 Preston Road, 368-6377

Dallas Galleries, 8414 Preston Road, 368-7504

Murray Realtors, 8418 Preston Road, 750-8600

Hunter Bradlee, 4025 Northwest Parkway, 363-9213

Storehouse. 8415 Preston Center Plaza, 363-6661

Lou Smith Realtors, 8314 Preston Center Plaza. 692-8464

Campbell Stationers and Engravers, 8318 Preston Center Plaza, 692-8380

Amy Milburn’s, 4014 Villanova, 750-0358 Preston Center Office Products, 8408 Preston Center Plaza, 691-6822

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