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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

“Hospitals,” said the late beloved Baptist minister, Dr. George W. Truett, “are the natural product of Christian religion.”

For the entire spread of the 20th century, Baylor Hospital has been the living, growing proof of the wisdom of his words. Ever since its founding as the Good Samaritan Hospital in 1903, Baylor has been a bright and shining 1 beacon of hope and healing for patients who come from around the world to benefit doubly. First, they receive the wonders which ride the cutting edge of the latest in medical research. Second, they feel the Christian love and personal concern which flow from a staff firmly dedicated to the cause of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

In 1959 the name was changed to Baylor University Medical Center to reflect the expanded outreach of one of the nation’s largest and most advanced medical programs i providing specialized care for heart, cancer, diabetes, digestive diseases, alcohol and (Lug abuse, psoriasis, eye disorders, arthritis, asthma, breast disease, eating disorders, neonatology, infectious diseases, pediatrics and weight management.

On its 20-block Dallas campus, Baylor has grown to encompass a medical complex of five hospitals:

George W. Truett Memorial Hospital,

Karl and Esther Hoblitzelle Hospital,

Erik and Margaret Jonsson Medical and Surgical Hospital,

Carr P. Collins Hospital, and A. Webb Roberts Hospital.

As the Baylor staff and facilities lead the world of medicine into the next century, Dallas and the entire nation can share feelings of deep pride and gratitude for their immeasurable contribution to the high and holy cause of healing body, mind and spirit.