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Will Railey Walk?


What’s likely to happen if and when disgraced ex-minister Walker Railey takes the stand in the civil lawsuit filed by his wife’s family? At least one Dallas lawyer feels that Railey might prevail if he chose to stand trial. “Not that I’m volunteering to take the case. . . but I think his chances might be pretty good,” says John Collins, who happened to be on the losing side of the civil trial involving another tarnished icon, Cullen Davis, last year in Fort Worth.

“That jury couldn’t determine a preponderance of evidence against Cullen, and our side had two eyewitnesses who linked him to the crime,” says Collins. “With that in mind, I’d think Railey might have a good case.”

If Railey ignores the suit, a court could impose a default judgment that would haunt him forever. But many courthouse observers doubt that Railey will try to clear his name in court. Even a victory would mean another media feeding frenzy and massive attorneys’ fees.