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Noted And Quoted

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Sam Donaldson of ABC News: “One week after I failed to get the ghostwriter’s job with [H.L.] Hunt, I threw in the towel on getting rich and went back to what I knew best. I applied for work at KRLD-TV, the CBS affiliate in Dallas, and was hired. I’ve been in this business ever since.” From Hold On, Mr. President.

I’m drivin’ that big pink truck for Mary Kay

The whistles and the winks I get

Lord, what can I say

Just because my rig is pink

Pardner don’t you think

I’m not a man in every way

I’m drivin’ that big pink truck for Mary Kay.” From “That Big Pink Truck,” a song about the men who drive the Mary Kay Cosmetics eighteen-wheeler trucks, written by Dallasites Neil Scanlan and Ken Sutherland.

Mayor Ed Koch of New York, trying to justify his city’s crime problem: “The FBI puts out an index of the top twenty-five cities. We’re fourteenth down in crime. Dallas is number one, and then you have Detroit, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington, DC. Sure, there’s crime in this city. I’m not proud that we’re fourteenth. I’d like to be twenty-fifth. But nevertheless, there are thirteen other cities that are less safe.” (Actually, the FBI placed Dallas at number two.) From “This Week with David Brinkley,” June 21.