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It’s actually from the intellectual environs of the East Coast, but nothing deserves to be from California-where Malibu Beach meets Silicon Valley-as much as Leather Goddesses of Phobos, one of the witty personal computer games from In-focom. Leather Goddesses, as the name intimates, is the first mainstream computer game that encourages lustful liaisons. This interactive text adventure (sorry, no pictures on the screen, only words) sets you down in Forties comic-book America. Your mission: stop the evil Leather Goddesses from invading Earth and enslaving the male population. (You do this by hopping around the galaxy solving a series of very bizarre puzzles-i.e., how do you turn a frog into a prince if you can’t stand to look at it, hear it, smell it, or touch it? Figure it out and the prince rewards.) There are three playing modes (lewd, suggestive, and tame) to suit every libido. And, in true In-focom style, the game comes with a 3-D comic book and a scratch ’n’ sniff card.